Crops of Chaos

MOOC Meanderings

Listening, Lurking, Learning

The current MOOC – Education, Learning and Technology – #change11 – began some weeks ago. Having known about it since George Siemens first announced the current MOOC in the summer, only now am I crossing the boundary of lingering, loitering  and visibly participating on the course. I have attended some live sessions, and naturally enjoyed reading the many contributions by participants in their #change11 blogs.

Stepping from the shadows into the light takes time.  Time to make sense, time to question, time to connect.

All connections are crops. Fragmentary beads of light and life, of knowledge and knowing, learning and sharing. As crops connect, so too is awareness raised, contributing to the dynamic collective consciousness which impulses one forward. New fields of knowing, new energies to share and pass on to others.

This blog is about crops – connections between windows of questions, reflections, and being an active participant on a MOOC.

As I begin my process of planting, cropping,  reaping connections, my sincerest thanks to all current participants who have shared and taught me so much so far.


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4 thoughts on “Listening, Lurking, Learning

  1. Beautiful imagery – thanks for expressing what it is like to take that breath and jump in further than before! 🙂

  2. Hi Brainysmurf,

    Thank you for your visit and thoughts; breathing is easy – taking the leap and actually jumping is another matter 🙂

  3. jennymackness on said:

    I’m with brainysmurf – the photo is wonderful and taking your time about deciding how you want to engage with MOOCs challenges those who think that MOOCs are attended by those with some sort of missionary zeal.

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you for your time and feedback; I have been attending webinars for both the Connectivism and Learning Analytics MOOCs; read participants blogs and tweets yet find myself with an increasing lack of time to write my own thoughts here in this blog.

    Yes, MOOCs are definitely challenging as there is so much to read and learn; I feel fortunate to be following them but seriously lack time to formulate/contribute something new. Having said that, perhaps what I have been taking away with me right now is an added value in outlook and learning experience. That in itself is (in my view) very positive.

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